Child Custody

We investigate family cases involving reports of child fatality, sexual abuse, serious physical abuse, serious neglect and reports of child abuse or neglect involving foster parents and institutions such as schools, residential facilities and child care centers.

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Family Cases and Civil Matters

Family concerns that we can assist you with

We understand how upsetting your life is when you need to consider hiring a private investigator for family matters. There are many different areas of family concerns that we can assist you with. At Negen’s Investigative Services we strive to serve you with professionalism and confidentiality. No matter what type of Family or Domestic situation, we can help. We have most likely assisted in a similar situation and will be here for your needs.

As a licensed private investigator, we conduct child custody and child support investigation. We can give you information about where your child’s father or mother is or their place of work and the assets, they possess. We will investigate incidents where your child’s other parent is not agreeing to pay their child support, but they may be earning regular income. We discover as much information as possible, which enables you to obtain help from the legal system to take necessary actions.

Child Custody Investigations

We are here to answer all your questions about child custody and neglect investigations.  Our team takes your case very seriously and will assist in providing photo, video and other types of evidence.

Negen’s Investigations primary concern is what is in the child’s best interest.  We will attempt to locate any evidence of either neglect or abuse.

How our team works child custody investigations

Many times, in a divorce, separation or co-parenting situation, you may already have a visitation or custody plan.  That plan may or may not have worked at one time or when put in place by the court they were not given enough information and evidence that would have identified issues with either parent.  This almost always puts the child at risk.

As an investigator we always are independent and unbiased witnesses who will properly document and provide a description of what we see and are told.  This gives our client to present the evidence professionally.

We have discovered that no two cases are identical, yet they can have similarities.

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Additional evidence and investigation of obtaining witness statements is always helpful.

Call us today to see how we can help with your situation.  We would like to discuss our background and relative experience.

FAQ - Family Cases

  • 1

    If I choose to call or meet with an investigator, is the information confidential that I provide, even if it is a free consultation?

    Yes, your information is totally confidential and personal.  We will not disclose anything to anyone without your expressed authorization.  If you decide not to go forward, the information you provided is disposed of by a shredding company and will never be seen by anyone.

  • 2

    What will an investigation cost?

    We offer very competitive rates for all our services.  Contact us for rates that are specific to your case request.  We can also offer flat rates on some cases.  We will work with you to earn your business and provide you with great service.  Credit Cards are also accepted for payments.

  • 3

    Do you provide Litigation Services in family matters?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of Litigation Services for family matters, including serving of civil documents on individuals.  We can conduct locates and skip tracing of persons who are hard to find.  Call us to discuss this work.

  • 4

    Can you conduct background checks and what information can I obtain through your services?

    We conduct local and national background checks on individuals for a wide variety of reasons.  They can include new partners, housing, employment, family matters including child custody, nanny and daycare providers, professional license and education verification, bankruptcy, credit reports and driving records.  Some of these topics require authorization, so contact us and we can discuss your needs.

  • 5

    If we are thinking about hiring a Nanny or new daycare service, can you assist in making a good choice?

    Yes, we can conduct investigations into persons you will potentially be hiring to come into your home or take care of your child.  We always recommend conducting this type of investigation, so you know who you are dealing with.  We can also check their references which is just as important.

  • 6

    Have you been successful in child custody investigations?

    Yes, we have worked with many law firms on child custody cases.  While it is unfortunate to have to check into these matters concerning your children, it must be done and conducted thoroughly.  Your child’s welfare and safety can depend on it.  Call us and we will discuss your situation.

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    Do you conduct Elder Law and Abuse Investigations?

    We do complete investigations on elder law and abuse cases.  This can also include vulnerable adults.  See our Elder section on this website.

what our clients have said

Elizabeth A.

“I was the victim of a Criminal Sexual Conduct case in Minneapolis. Jerry found witnesses on my behalf and worked alongside my Victim Advocate. He did a great job and I highly recommend his services.”

Ed Shaw / Attorney at Law

"Jerry and his team get the job done on tough cases.  I have trusted them on difficult, high profile cases and they have never let me down.  Negen's Investigative Services located a witness on a felony complaint file, and we were able to get our client cleared of the crime he had been charged with.  I highly recommend their services."