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As a criminal investigator we can play a very important role in support of your criminal defense efforts. We will assist your criminal defense attorney in preparation for trial, including gathering records and interviewing witnesses. Having an experienced and diligent criminal defense investigator is crucial to the success of your case!

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Criminal Defense Investigations

If you are charged with any criminal offense, we believe the best thing to do is to contact a Criminal Investigator.  That Investigator should be well trained in criminal law so there is a base understanding of the allegation against you.  With that understanding, the appropriate questions can be asked of the proper witnesses.  We can provide evidence to the attorney of your choosing, or directly to you.  Some clients hire us prior to an attorney to see what evidence can be obtained.  Once you hire your defense attorney, our work along with their preparation can be invaluable. We work as a part of your team, so the full story can be presented.

We also look for new leads which may turn us in a new direction. The quicker you hire the criminal investigator to ask the questions for you, you can uncover details of your case.

Our criminal private investigators are professionally trained and continue to attend education as a role of a private investigator.  We will go above and beyond for our clients, meeting with you often to discuss our progress.  Your attorney can only represent your best interest if they have all the information.  Negen’s Investigative Services brings over 50 years of experience from positions as a police officer, deputy sheriff and criminal defense investigator.  Make sure you bring in a team that will produce results in the field.

Time For Court

When it is time to attend court hearings prior to a possible trial, make sure your criminal investigators are well trained in that area. Ask them to discuss their experience at testifying in court and what types of cases they have handled.  Negen’s Investigative Services has testified in homicide cases, assaults, domestic abuse, sex crimes, family crimes, theft, damage to property, terroristic threats, gambling and all traffic matters including DUI and criminal vehicular operation cases.

We believe witnesses should be re-interviewed by the defense as well as other witnesses overlooked.  Let us help you find the cracks in the prosecution’s case, so the truth comes out.

Negen’s Investigative Services will search for new evidence, such as video or audio recordings.  We have a forensic investigator that can locate such evidence from computers or cell phones.  This strong evidence can be used as a solid argument for your defense.  When it comes to the trial, you need to know everything has been done in your case.  We will get you results!

FAQ - Criminal Defense Investigations

  • 1

    Do You Think I Should Contract a Criminal Investigator?

    Private Criminal Investigators are licensed investigators used to conduct investigatory type work. They will usually have a history in law enforcement or security type work. The information gathered is usually circumstantial and can help your situation in many ways.  They will work well with experienced attorneys for your benefit.

  • 2

    Do I Have a criminal Investigator Before an Attorney?

    You should probably talk with an attorney early on in your case. It does not hurt to have a consult with a private criminal Investigator, but they are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.  Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you may want to hire an attorney to work with your private investigator so the work becomes and will be considered “attorney work product” which can be protected from discovery by the opposing side.

  • 3

    Can I Gather Evidence On My Own?

    A client can gather evidence for their case, but if an criminal investigator collects and submits it to our attorney on your behalf, it is much more likely to be admissible into court.  You will also most likely be able to use the criminal investigator to testify on your behalf as a professional witness.

  • 4

    Can I Use a Friend To Gather My Evidence For Me?

    Most clients have that one friend who they believe should work for the FBI or the CIA because they are great at investigating and getting to the bottom of everything. This is the friend who always catches his/her spouse cheating by doing private-eye investigations themselves. However, having an amateur conduct a legal investigation could indeed be tragic for you.

    In the State of Minnesota, you are required to be licensed.  It is illegal to conduct investigations for others without a State license. Your friend could violate someone’s right to privacy, so make sure you conduct a legal investigation so it can be used later.

  • 5

    When Should I Hire a Criminal Investigator?

    As soon as you are charged with a crime, you should contact an attorney and private criminal investigator to discuss your case.  Criminal investigators will generally provide you with a free consultation and explain how their services would be useful in your situation.  Criminal investigators are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice.  An experienced investigator can discuss your case and provide you with an idea of how they will help.  Make sure to hire an experienced investigator or the information discovered may not be admissible in court.  You want them to be able to testify on your behalf.  If they don’t have experience, the opposing side may ask the court not to allow the testimony.

  • 6

    Should I Tell Anyone That I Have Hired a Criminal Investigator?

    Don’t share the information to anyone other than persons on your legal team.  You never know who is talking to who and there is no reason to share this information outside the people working on your behalf.  Sometimes friends and family members can do more damage than good.

what our clients have said

Mark L. Rodgers / Attorney at Law

"I have worked with Jerry as the investigator on a wide range of injury cases. Jerry is very responsive and is genuinely interested in helping our law office obtain the best possible recovery for our injury victim clients.  I recommended jerry highly and he is also fun to work with. Mark Rodgers-Bemidji Injury Attorney since 1981."

Jack P.

“I was charged with a felony crime of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree. I called Jerry to see how his services would help after finding him on his website. I am happy I did and his services assisted me and my attorney greatly. He located witnesses and got evidence from cellular phones that proved my innocence.”