Our digital forensics tools can resolve a wide range of criminal investigations and civil matters. We use the latest tools and technology to recover data from mobile devices, computers, networks and cloud accounts, analyze it quickly and then document it for use as evidence in court.

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Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

When you are looking to obtain evidence from a computer or cellular device, fight the desire to do your “incompetent snooping”, before calling us.  The main factor of a proper computer forensic examination and cell phone data recovery are when both are achieved without being closely involved to the situation.  When you are closely involved in the matter, evidence you locate can be challenged in court.

Our investigator will find the facts and present that to you.  If you tamper with the evidence, it may not be presented in your court case, if it goes that far.

We believe that actions that take place after an incident could destroy valuable evidence.  We would also like you to leave the device, whether it is a computer or cellular device, in its current state, not powering it off or on, and call for assistance with this as soon as possible.

The job of our investigator would be uncovering the pieces, compiling them to a format you will understand and presenting them to our client.

If you feel someone is reading your emails or watching the websites you visit, they could be gaining access to your confidential information.  Let our investigator attempt to find any spyware on your devices so that you can have your privacy again.

If you feel someone is using your devices without your permission or knowledge, we can remotely monitor that activity with your permission when you are not there.

If you have questions on this type of investigation, call us.  We will explain what is legal for us to perform and what we cannot do.  We will NOT perform ANY illegal operations during our investigation.

What We Do For Criminal Investigations

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    What are Digital Forensics

    This is the science of looking for evidence in computers and mobile devices including cell phones.

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    What do you look for?

    The investigator will look for deleted photographs, emails, files, texts and phone calls.  Sometimes clients will lose data needed and we attempt to recover the files.  We also work on evidence where the items have been deleted to cover up a criminal or civil matter.

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    What kind of digital information can be located?

    If the work is done correctly, we can locate digital evidence from cell phone and or computers that will assist in criminal investigations as well as civil matters. We look for financial records, word processing documents, diaries, spreadsheets, databases, e-mail, pictures, movies, sound files, etc.

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    Where do you look for the evidence?

    Most information is stored in a computer of which most users are unaware. We can usually tell what a computer was used for, when it was used, what the user has done on the Internet (and when), and recover much of what the user wrote, read or viewed on the computer.

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    Who do you work with?

    We assist attorneys, corporations and individuals in locating evidence.

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“Jerry and his staff at Negen’s are quick to respond to all types of service and investigative needs, very efficient and professional. On top of that, they are nice folks to deal with. We would recommend them to anyone… “

Sherry Watland

"I have enjoyed working with Jerry Negen for my commercial and residential rental properties.  It is helpful to have someone local to take care of my background checks.  I will certainly recommend Negen’s Investigative Services.  All the best, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you!"