Civil process

We have 39 years of experience serving summons, complaints, subpoenas, court orders, child custody small claims filings, motions or other papers. We follow the rules for giving the summons to defendants to properly file your case and you can rely on us to do it successfully as directed by the law.

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Service Civil process Papers

Negen’s Investigative Services can assist private individuals, businesses, and attorney with service of Summons, Complaints, Subpoenas, court orders, child custody orders, small claims filings, motions, and any other legal documents you need delivered.

We have 39 years’ experience in process serving and can be relied upon to serve your papers successfully and as directed by the law.

We will make attempts the day the paper is received, and repeated attempts as required or requested by our clients.  We will provide the Affidavit of Service immediately after service so that you can get it filed with the court.

We can use many tactics in order to get your document served and have access to skip tracing services to find new unlisted addresses.

You can also email your documents to us at if it is not a court order where the judge signature must be shown to the individual is being served.

We have great success in locating and serving individuals who are being evasive and know the document is coming.

FAQ - Civil Process

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    What are CIVIL PROCESS services?

    This is the process of having legal papers delivered and served to an individual or business when legal actions are being taken against them.

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    Who can serve papers?

    Typically, anyone who is a US Citizen, age 18 years or older and is NOT a party to the case can serve the papers.  Law firms generally use a civil process server, to make sure things are done in a legal manner that will constitute a legal service.  Otherwise, the court may find the service was not done according to the rules.

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    What does a Civil Process Server do?

    A legal process server delivers the documents to the defendant or individual.  Once that is complete, an Affidavit of Service or Proof of Service is provided to the requestor.

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    How will I get the papers to your office for Service?

    You can hand deliver, send through the mail or delivery service, Fax or Email them to us.  Our email is  and our FAX is 218-454-0853.

    In the case of some Subpoena services, a witness fee check must be submitted to the individual at the time of service.  You can over night those papers or mail them to us for service.

what our clients have said

Elizabeth A.

“I was the victim of a Criminal Sexual Conduct case in Minneapolis. Jerry found witnesses on my behalf and worked alongside my Victim Advocate. He did a great job and I highly recommend his services.”

Ed Shaw / Attorney at Law

"Jerry and his team get the job done on tough cases.  I have trusted them on difficult, high profile cases and they have never let me down.  Negen's Investigative Services located a witness on a felony complaint file, and we were able to get our client cleared of the crime he had been charged with.  I highly recommend their services."